• Air date: 14 Sep '12 26 episodes
      Aspiring entrepreneurs pitch various business ideas to "The Sharks" -- tough, self-made, multi-millionaire and billionaire tycoons -- in hopes of landing an investment.
  • List of Episodes (26)
    • 1. September 14, 2012

      14 Sep '12
      History is made when all five Sharks join forces to make a deal. Also, a recent college graduate from Indianapolis, IN wants to turn inconvenience into opportunity with his ticketless coat check system; a man from Central City, CO wants the Sharks to invest in his belt buckle idea that doubles as a beverage holder; a licensed massage therapist from Phoenix, AZ takes a stand to reinvigorate the ancient art of body massage; and two women from Freehold, NJ believe they have a solution to the
    • 2. September 21, 2012

      21 Sep '12
      When a man from Austin, TX pitches a so-called "cheaters app" -- which allows selected contacts to be hidden from view when calls come in -- the Sharks question and debate the morality of investing in an app that could be used to make it easier for people in relationships to cheat. Also, two business partners from Bedford, NH have top-ranked champion surfer Lakey Peterson demonstrate to the Sharks how their surf-inspired exercise equipment works; a dapper man from Acworth, GA pitches a personal
    • 3. September 28, 2012

      28 Sep '12
      Professional dancers Jonathan Roberts and Anna Trebunskaya demonstrate their posture correction device; entertainment reporter Robin Leach and a designer from Florida present stone-studded leather jewelry; a gluten-free cookie business.
    • 4. October 5, 2012

      05 Oct '12
      An unemployed man and his pregnant wife pitch a party-favorite chicken dip; a professional football player's spring-loaded laundry hamper, a technophobe presents his wireless gadget that helps people keep track of their keys or cell phone.
    • 5. October 12, 2012

      12 Oct '12
      A line of dresses made of pillowcases; a unique spatula; vitamin oral sprays; energy-boosting waffles.
    • 6. October 19, 2012

      19 Oct '12
      Professional football player Brandon Jacobs hopes to help a woman find success with her protein-infused energy drink; a lobster roll food truck; eco-friendly cleaning products; colorful drink insulators; follow-up on a lip balm idea.
    • 7. October 26, 2012

      26 Oct '12
      A modern-day slip business; a scrubbing tool; dog-friendly frozen yogurt; an electric unicycle; an update on the "Lollacup."
    • 8. November 2, 2012

      02 Nov '12
      Seth MacFarlane shows his support for a man who designed a new fly trap; multi-functional child cover; food storage container; followup on a manicure system.
    • 9. November 9, 2012

      09 Nov '12
      A motorized vehicle suit; comedy writer Bruce Vilanch presents a computer instruction project; sugar-free candy chips; an update on a foldable guitar.
    • 10. November 16, 2012

      16 Nov '12
      An energy and nutritional supplement designed and tested by active members of the military; a new way to shop for bridal wear; a wine tasting cruise.
    • 11. December 4, 2012

      04 Dec '12
      A rent-a-live Christmas tree service; gluten-free fudge; cell phone accessory; indoor/outdoor play space; singer John Rich surprises an entrepreneur.
    • 12. January 4, 2013

      04 Jan '13
      Mark and Lori offer an entrepreneur $1 million; enclosed tabletop food screen; a beer and arcade game cabinet; peel-off face paint transfer; hair care products for children; update on Squirrel Nut Butter.
    • 13. January 11, 2013

      11 Jan '13
      A capsule that keeps beverages hot for an extended period; a new way to clean stuffed toys; reinventing the ice cream experience.
    • 14. February 1, 2013

      01 Feb '13
      Sandals for barefoot runners; a magnetic sound enhancer that doesn't need power; a website that creates personalized soundtracks for children; an update on "Cousins Lobster.
    • 15. February 8, 2013

      08 Feb '13
      A successful entrepreneur returns with a new business idea; hand-held cooler; environmentally friendly dry cleaning bag; chewing tobacco alternative.
    • 16. February 15, 2013

      15 Feb '13
      Kevin O'Leary makes a $1 million offer; six young inventors aged 12 to 18 present their unsafe-driving detector; a mini-muffin that is a twist on s'mores; an online chat therapy business.
    • 17. February 22, 2013

      22 Feb '13
      Unique eyewear made of sustainable wood; a camouflage clothing line for duck hunters; a premium denim line; high-end bedding for girls.
    • 18. March 1, 2013

      01 Mar '13
      Fortified, sugar-free nut butters; an acupressure wrist band; an at-home tattoo removal device; an update on inventors who created surf-inspired fitness equipment.
    • 19. March 8, 2013

      08 Mar '13
      A workout program that teaches people how to exercise in their heart rate zone; throwing dance parties for kids with a traveling disco van; a damage-proof cell phone case; an update on The Painted Pretzel.
    • 20. March 29, 2013

      29 Mar '13
      Two entrepreneurs try to solve the "carmuter triangle"; an 18-year-old seeks an investment in her natural skincare line of sugar scrubs; shrink-wrap gift bags.
    • 21. April 5, 2013

      05 Apr '13
      Gourmet meat business; a cooler with interior LED lighting; full-body spandex suit; an advance filter water bottle; follow up on a play and party space for kids from season four.
    • 22. April 26, 2013

      26 Apr '13
      A fishing bobber made from a shotgun shell; homemade cupcakes in a jar; generating electricity through walking; a belt with no holes; a fitness-based dance program.
    • 23. May 3, 2013

      03 May '13
      Frozen concentrated gumbo brick; a bird feeder that shocks squirrels; artisan coffee subscription business; wooden home and kitchen items; ECreamery update.
    • 24. May 10, 2013

      10 May '13
      Teaching kids how to ride a bike that doesn't have pedals; a movie about motorcycle racing; a hot-pink food truck run by beautiful women; fun photo booths.
    • 25. May 17, 2013 (1)

      17 May '13
      Two women pitch their military-inspired jewelry line; traditional British scone; custom furniture; door-to-door luggage pickup service; update on the Scrub Daddy cleaning tool.