• Air date: 09 Aug '09 15 episodes
      Aspiring entrepreneurs pitch various business ideas to "The Sharks" -- tough, self-made, multi-millionaire and billionaire tycoons -- in hopes of landing an investment.
  • List of Episodes (15)
    • 1. Shark Tank: Episode 101

      09 Aug '09
      Budding entrepreneurs work to persuade a panel of tycoons to invest in their business proposals in return for a percentage of equity in the company.
    • 2. Inner-city teacher pitches proposal

      16 Aug '09
      An inner-city teacher tries to sell the Sharks on his unique way to get children to learn; the owner of a gourmet food business watches the Sharks fight for a piece of the action; an astonishing offer is made for one life-saving idea.
    • 3. Entrepreneurial novice

      23 Aug '09
      An entrepreneurial novice makes a less-than-stellar presentation to the sharks; a father-son duo pitches a proposal for a revolutionary new musical product.
    • 4. Graffiti-removal business

      30 Aug '09
      An entrepreneur originally from Ghana wants an investment for an Internet business; a man from California wants to franchise his graffiti-removal business.
    • 5. Body Jac

      06 Sep '09
      Three of the sharks make a deal for an innovative Internet company, but before the deal can be sealed, a battle ensues and one of the sharks is ousted.
    • 6. Chicago entrepreneur plays hardball

      13 Sep '09
      A young Chicago entrepreneur plays hardball with the sharks while seeking funding for an innovative Internet business.
    • 7. A housewife charms the male sharks

      29 Sep '09
      A housewife from Charleston, S.C., charms the male sharks; a college student pitches a product made from soy that he creates in his mother's kitchen.
    • 8. Overconfidence could blow a deal

      06 Oct '09
      A young entrepreneur's overconfidence could blow a deal with the sharks; Kevin O'Leary follows an entrepreneur out of the Shark Tank to get the last word after being outbid by another shark.
    • 9. Preventing cancer in pets

      13 Oct '09
      A veterinarian's product claims to prevent cancer in pets; virtual arcade; a Texas designer pitches a line of fashionable clothing for women.
    • 10. Unusual business proposal

      29 Jan '10
      A man wants an investment from the sharks to create an extension of his already successful business; a urologist has an unusual business proposal.
    • 11. Salad dressing mix; golf ball cleaner

      20 Oct '09
      A man wants an investment from the sharks to create an extension of his already successful business; a urologist has an unusual business proposal.
    • 12. An idea for a portable hand degreaser

      08 Jan '10
      Things get heated when the sharks ask a husband-and-wife team to clarify the actual value of a childcare business; a chef's salad dressing mix is removed from store shelves because of offensive packaging; a golf ball cleaner.
    • 13. Old-fashioned ice cream men

      15 Jan '10
      Two Texas bicyclists have an idea for a portable hand degreaser; a college student is passionate about his environmentally friendly clothing line; the sharks find out if lifelong entrepreneur Cactus Jack lost at least 35 pounds to seal a deal.
    • 14. A man reinvents the umbrella

      22 Jan '10
      A California entrepreneur wants to bring back old-fashioned ice cream men; a couple's pitch is about providing legal services at a coffee house; an update on the sharks' venture with an Arizona woman and her unique plush toys.
    • 15. Episode 15

      15 Apr '11
      An entrepreneur from Chicago hopes the sharks can dig him out of a financial hole; a single mother believes her aromatic lip gloss can help women. Note -- This is actually episode 5 of season 2 --