• Air date: 07 Jan '20 14 episodes
      The Roses are achieving success in their careers and personal lives, forcing them all to contemplate their inevitable next steps. But as their pursuits push them closer towards their long-awaited escape, the Roses see how connected their lives have become to the town and its residents. When they finally face the decision to stay or leave, it is much harder than expected.
  • List of Episodes (14)
    • 1. Smoke Signals

      07 Jan '20
      David scouts a potential wedding venue, while Johnny and Moira have a romantic picnic by the creek.
    • 2. The Incident

      14 Jan '20
      David is embarrassed by a childhood issue that resurfaces, and only spirals further when Patrick is so understanding. Johnny, Stevie and Roland attend a viewing for a nearby motel. Alexis helps Moira join social media.
    • 3. The Job Interview

      21 Jan '20
      Johnny and Moira endeavor to secure an investor for a new motel while Alexis and Ted struggle with long-distance.
    • 4. Maid of Honour

      28 Jan '20
      Moira shares the newly released “Crows” movie trailer with the Jazzagals. Johnny and Roland find a suspicious bag of money at the new motel.
    • 5. The Premiere

      04 Feb '20
      Alexis plans a local premiere for the "Crows" movie, and Moira makes a big splash on the red carpet. David tends to Patrick after his wisdom teeth removal.
    • 6. The Wingman

      11 Feb '20
      Alexis and Moira deal with the aftermath of a viral video, while Johnny helps Bob get back out in the dating world.
    • 7. Moira Rosé

      18 Feb '20
      Moira and David sample wine at Herb Ertlinger's vineyard, while Johnny attempts to have “the talk” with Patrick.
    • 8. The Presidential Suite

      25 Feb '20
      Johnny and Moira spend a night at the presidential suite in the new motel, while Alexis receives a surprise visitor.
    • 9. Rebound

      03 Mar '20
      Johnny becomes overly involved in Alexis' romantic life, while Moira offends the townspeople in an interview with People magazine.
    • 10. Sunrise, Sunset

      10 Mar '20
      Moira’s former "Sunrise Bay" producers show up with big news, while Alexis binge-watches old episodes of the soap and discovers some dirt.
    • 11. The Bachelor Party

      17 Mar '20
      The Roses attend the Escape Room portion of David and Patrick's Bachelor Party, but their participation wanes the more their personal dilemmas come to a head.
    • 12. The Pitch

      24 Mar '20
      Johnny, Stevie and Roland head to New York for their pitch meeting, while the family anxiously awaits their return.
    • 13. Start Spreading the News

      31 Mar '20
      Moira receives some unexpected news, and David makes a tough decision about where he wants to live.
    • 14. Happy Ending

      07 Apr '20