Zoolander Review

  • 4/5
That Magnum look!!!!

For once a movie was as good as I expected, and better than others expected. Zoolander was just hilarious, I mean if you think about it, it was really dumb, but in a good way. It's not often that you enjoy a movie that is so dumb, but Zoolander seemed to pull it off.

Stiller is once again great in this movie, much like he was in There's Something About Mary. Stiller seems to add so much more humor to movies, and he also makes them so much better, I hope he stars in a lot more movie in the future, seeing as he is such a good actor.

Wilson was also really funny in this movie, I was glad to see him in this role as Hansel, he made the movie a lot better. It seems as though Stiller and Wilson star in a lot of movies together, which is a good thing since they are both really funny.