Amish Gupta
  • 2.5/5
First Punjabi web series fails to make a mark

With a very usual plotline that follows a group of friends in a commonplace engineering college, this show comes labelled as one of the first Punjabi web series but unfortunately, the one that is disappointing. Jass (Pukhraj Bhalla) has just joined the college and gets introduced to the most distinct students in his class by his bench-mate. Characters are again typical, a privileged daughter of college's principal, a hard-working class topper, class clown and a skillful hacker who couldn't care less about education.

Most of the actors are too old to be in a college classroom and the portrayal of Punjabi colleges is tad bit superficial to my taste. The web series belong to the comedy-drama genre but fails to make a mark in either of them. With worn-out jokes and distasteful comedy writing, only a few performances are worth checking out.

There are Punjabi movies out there which have managed to be engaging while steering clear of fatuous comedy. A lesson or two from them wouldn't have hurt this show. Episodes are a bit too long, and can only be recommended for mindless time-filling.