Vikram Vedha Review

Anish Misra
  • 5/5
Applaudable Masterpiece

Vikram Vedha is a film written and directed by Pushkar-Gayatri. I haeard about this film for quite some time and the tariler too had intrigued me. Finally when I got time, I decided to watch this film. And I can say with fiull confidence that this is the best Tamil Film I have sen in quite a long time.

Plot: Vikram, a ruthless cop faces an equally ruthless gangster named Vedha.

Story and Direction: This film is not your regular cop drama. There is much more to this film. This film questions as to what we do see and perceive, is that actually the truth. It also questions whether the decisons made are morally right or wrong. The characters of this film also interest you a lot. Although Vikram is a person who shows himself as an honest cop is shown doing some things that question his honesty. On the other hand, we have Vedha, who although is a gansgter but still we have a soft corner for him. Sometimes you do feel that Vedha may be right although he adopts wrong ways to prove his point. Also the characters that are supporting like Vedha's family and gang members and rivals and Vikrams' family and co-workers provide an edge to this masterpiece. Never in the film I felt a dull moment, which is very rare in today's world. Also the plot twists introduced in this film don't seem out of place or dropped in just at random,. It do feels very organic and natural. Kudos to the director duo to bring us an engaging police drama in an era where police officers are no less than superheroes. The cinematography is awesome. The colors used in the film give it a neo-noir look. Th stunt sequences also are natural and never feel fake.

Performances: R Madhavan time and again just ups his ante. He just goes on to prove that with a right script an actor can work wonders. Its for the first time I am watching Vijay Sethupathi. And I was floored. From his entry till the climax, he just ruled the screen. It was a s if I was watching a real gangster. He balanced the young and old looks with ease. Sharddha Srinath provided great support to Maddy's character. Kathir and Varalaxmi Sarathkumar were impressive too in their roles. The rest of the police cast delivered an earnest performance.

Music: Sam CS composes the BGM and songs for the film.While the songs are great and faultless, The BGM is equally engaging and impressive. He has quite a long way to go. The song "Tasakku Tasakku" was my favorite. The song's tune is still fresh in my mind.

Favorite Scene: It would be Vedha's entry scene and his subsequent surrender. The way this particular scene was shot and the performances of the actor was what impressed me a lot.

Verdict: With full certainity I can say that this is the best that 2017 had to offer in Tamil Cinema. If you are into crime dramas, this film is tailor made for you. If this film gets a sequel, I will be fully excited. Thanks a lot Pushkar-Gayatri.

This masterpiece gets a well deserved 10/10.

Sumit Gupta
Where did you watch? I don't know Tamil, but surely would want to watch this. Try Aruvi also, I liked a lot.
Anish Misra
Found it in torrent. And thanks for the recommendation.