Kota Factory Review

Amish Gupta
  • 4.5/5
A sliver of bliss.

Kota factory is indeed the sliver of bliss in the dark despair of familiar Kota "stories" and experiences that millions have lived. Viewers will find no trouble identifying with turbulent journeys, everyday snags and unfortunate events that characters sail through. The tactful writing and on-point performances hook in the viewer while the cultured incorporation of humor guarantees of an amusing ride.

Highlighting the aspects of a student's life other than textbooks and chalkboards, Kota factory does not shy away from rather hard truths of relationships, failures and mental health. However, the series does seem a little innocuous while addressing the redundancy of Kota culture (maybe because of corporate sponsorship), but still is a huge leap in debunking the prevailing myths and helping people realize of possibilities beyond Kota.

Protagonist Vaibhav Pandey (Mayur More), a teen from a small town, an IIT aspirant, a student at prodigy classes (a coaching institute), Kota is extremely likable. All leads embody a distinguishing flair, like the grit of Vaibhav, the innocence of Meena (Ranjan Raj), the fierceness of Shivangi (Ahsaas Channa), or the liveliness of Uday (Alam Khan), making the show appealing and structured. However, the presence of a resolute guiding light, a knight in shining armor, Jeetu (Jitendra Kumar) 'bhaiya', physics faculty, prodigy institute, can often seem too good to be true.

Central themes for episodes are well chosen and resonate with the target audience. Noone will most definitely repent investing time watching this web series, and one may even find themselves repeating some of its clever and hysterical lines.