Toy Story Review

Pratik Singh
  • 5/5

Wow I must say that this movie is my childhood. Get ready for a great adventure. Woody the top notch toy in Andy's room finds his world spinning out when Andy gets a new toy for his birthday, Buzz Lightyear a space toy. Suddenly all the other toys fall in love with him and Woody gets jealous. After a few mishaps Buzz and Woody find themselves at an evil boy's house named Sid who likes to torture toys. Now Woody and Buzz must work together to get back to Andy's house and find themselves becoming friends.

Overall this is an amazing movie. It was my childhood. Tom Hanks and Tim Allen are great choices for voices of Woody and Buzz. The other supporting roles are great too. This is a type of movie that kids and adults can be entertained by. I give props to Pixar for making this film because it is truly a great one. I give it a 5 out of 5!