The Overnight Review

  • 4/5

The Overnight is a quirky sex comedy produced by the Duplass brothers and Adam Scott. Adam Scott also stars in the film with Taylor Schilling of Orange Is the New Black. Scott and Schilling play a couple with a young child who have recently moved to LA. Adam Scott's character is a house husband and laments that he has no friends in town. They couple have a chance meeting at a park with Jason Schwartzman who has a son the same age. He invites them to a family pizza dinner at his home. He seems a bit off, but they agree.

Things only get stranger and stranger as the night progresses. Scwartzman's character offers to put the kids to bed so the adults can continue the evening. They get drunk and high and all sorts of weird things happen. The director sets up your expectations at certain moments, and then you can feel a bit let down when it's not as bad or as weird as you expect. Schwartzman's character offers to show Adam Scott's something, and you think it's going to be a bondage sex room or something, and it's just a LOT of paintings of assholes. Literally, assholes. The couples skinny dip, and there is full frontal male nudity which surprised me. I'm wondering if this will be able to be released commercially in the form we saw it. Because there is a LOT of male nudity and it's intrinsic to some of the gags (prosthetics were used, Adam Scott emphasized in the Q and A!)

This movie seemed to be one of a theme of movies at Sundance this year. Parents of small children who interrupt their sex lives, and adjusting to married life and remaining an individual. There were some laugh out loud moments, but sometimes I didn't think the gags met my expectations of what was about to happen.

The Duplass brothers had their fingers in several movies at the fest this year. Seriously, do these guys sleep?