Rohon Nag
  • 3.5/5
A Visual MasterPiece

This is supposed to be the most technically advanced film EVER made.

And… It shows… The animals, the leaves everything is digital yet they look more or less, REAL.

If they didn’t have voices and didn’t speak, they would have 100% fooled the audience.

This brings me to my biggest issue with this otherwise amazing film.

The voices don’t seem to go with the animals, I am not speaking about casting, the film is perfectly casted (English Version – Yet to see Hindi)

But when animals speak, you expect them to be a bit cartoony, when REAL looking animals speak, it just breaks the illusion of the realism.

but don’t get me wrong, I liked this film a lot, except for the voice aspect, this movie is well directed, well paced and the scenery and animals are simply breathtakingly real.

The acting by child actor Neel Sethi is pretty good, the entire film rests on his shoulders and he doesn’t disappoint.

Be warned this is NOT our childhood Jungle book, the story is very different, Kaa is not Mowgli’s friend here. This is based off the 1967 Disney film and doesn’t have the same story beats as the animated film we all grew up on.

So, overall this is a visually spectacular film, with low story content, the music is hummable and good. The Kids are going to love this one!

As for the adults, they won’t be put off, it’s not cheesy or childish despite being a kids film !

Jon Favreu has shown great range from Iron man to chef to this… kudos to him for making this risky film.

Rating : 7.5/10