The Intern Review

Anish Misra
  • 4/5

The Intern is a film written and directed by Nancy Meyers. I had just heard about the film being a good one. I saw no trailers so I didn't know what to expect out of it. After the film finished, I was satisfied. It's basically a slice of life kind of film.

Plot: Ben Whittaker, a 70 year old, joins as an intern to Jules Ostin in an online fashion company.

Story and Direction: The story is quite simple. We have a man, old and alone, having to do nothing basically, joining as an intern to just make himself busy. Now that's something an old man always faces which is very beautifully shown here. Then we have a contrasting character like Jules, who is very busy and doesn't have the time for almost anything (today's working women). Both of these characters are balanced quite nicely. We also have certain characters of the office which are quite enjoyable. Also we get a sneak peek into Jules' home where she has a husband and daughter, for who she feels she is giving less time due to her job. The most of the story is perfect. I had issues with some things. Like Fiona the massage therapist. Although the character was very little, but still, trying to make Ben and Fiona a pair was kind of making the story go off track. Another thing was the office people helping Jules in one scene of a mistake made by her. I mean, don't we say we should keep our personal and professional lives separate.

Performances: Robert De Niro is a great actor and its always a joy to see him. Anne Hathaway was also good as the working woman Jules. Rene Russo as the therapist was also good in her small role. Adam DeVine as Jason was good in his comic portions. Zack Perlman and Jason Owley were good too as Ben's colleagues. Anders Holm had a sincerity in his role.

Favorite Scene: I guess it would be where Jules helps Ben open up a Facebook account. And Ben in turn tells Jules about his work. This was basically where I felt the essence of the film lied. The older and newer generation sitting and talking and sharing ideas.

Verdict: I had a great time with The Intern. It was a good film. Robert and Anne were great in their roles. Although a few missteps, but the film is still watchable.

I am giving it an 8/10.