• 4/5

This film is a beautiful masterpiece. The story revolves around Ellie Chu, a 17 year girl who burdens the responsibility of not only school but also her father's job as a station master. Never having met someone she can relate to she spent her days finding herself in books and movies. She earns money by writing school papers for her classmate until one day a Jock named Paul asks her to write a letter to a girl named Aster.

This movie focuses on the meaning of love and the connection of a soulmate which brings out an inspiring message. I love the fact that each charecter portrayed has their own personality growth and no one charecter over steps the other charecter. The movies isn't the real deception of the society but that doesn't stop the message that's being given out to fall short in anyway. Both emotional and silly this movie will remind you that not all love stories are perfect and that the rights and wrong of your life help you grow into a much better and stronger person. A heartwarming RomCom.