Pratik Singh
  • 3.5/5

I saw this film today with a friend of mine Rohindra and Alok and we all loved it. Ashamed as I am I forgot his name, but I will call him 'hey, man'. See the film and you will get the joke.

For me this movie is the return of the 77 year old director Polanski and I was surprised after I've seen it. It begins with a pretty regular story but keeps its potential because of the realistic and funny characters. In the middle of the movie I wasn't sure where things were going and that always annoys me, but that because I am an impatient viewer. Then all of a sudden things fall together around two-third of the movie and the ending was pretty surprising and satisfying. Not the most brilliant thing I have ever seen of him but definitely one of his best movies he has ever made in my honest opinion.