Maxie The Movie Person
  • 5/5

Would Kingdom of the Sun have been quite as good, perhaps even better, than the movie it became? The answer remains a mystery, but Disney's most troubled production history since The Black Cauldron led to something unlike anything they've done before - a film that's only a musical when it starts and ends, and the rest is loonier than every single Silly Symphony and whatnot.

Pacha is not a youngster but a careful, imperfect father who is barely given any jokes about his size and has a pregnant wife, and the villain's sidekick looks like a hunk but thinks like a monkey. The main protagonist does not get a love interest (until the TV show, that is), he is just simply a misogynist before he learns that power isn't the greatest gift.

This is a message that the film retains as well as being wacky for the sake of it (as we all knew Looney Tunes to be), and having watched it years and years after I ended my run of watching it countless nights as a child, it still holds up as one of Disney's most entertaining animated films from their studio, even after having watched (and given popularity to) The Sweatbox.