Muskan Singh
  • 2.5/5

The Devil Wears Prada directed by David Frankel is a sitcom released in 2006 based on 2003 bestseller novel with same name by Lauren Weisberger based on her period as an assistant at Vogue. The film narrates the story of a young and just-graduate in journalism Andrea Sachs in search of job fortunately landed on second assistant position of merciless and powerful Miranda Priestly who is the chief editor of Runway Fashion Magazine.

Andrea having zero sense of fashion took it as a temporary professional challenge to work as an assistant as she was told that if she lasts a year in the position she will get her pick of other jobs, perhaps even the journalistic position she truly craves for. The first assistant, Emily keeps pleasing Miranda and is condescending to Andrea. Due to lack of fashion sense, Andrea becomes the topic of mockery around the office. Andrea eventually bonds with art director Nigel who helps her to become perfect fit for the job and excel. However, her relationship with her boyfriend Nate, a chef and other college friends suffers due to the increasing time assisting Miranda and nearly doing impossible assigned tasks. Christian Thompson, an attractive young writer encountered with Andrea at some party openly flirts with her. The tough work rhythm left Andrea without a private life with Nate, family and friends.

The rush morning scenes of New York street and chaos in the office every morning before Miranda arrives are interesting to watch. The mention of big expensive brands, huge events, fashion walk and photoshoot look too glamourous to take eyes off the screen. The glamorous portrayal makes you feel to work in such environment but will also show the other side of the coin.

Andrea(Anne Hathaway) being the girl who doesn’t want to lose herself no matter how many pairs of Monolos and Jimmy Choo she can have in the beginning of the plot started liking the fashion industry and her glamorous work. The way the story shows the transformation Andrea had to go through to fit in, is pretty entertaining. Her dynamic with strict boss Miranda (Meryl Streep) is fun to watch as she stole the scene every time she is in it. The devil in ‘The Devil Wears Prada’, Miranda being a perfectionist and having traits of knowing what she wants and how she wants is too powerful that you wanted to have such persona. She is like role model for working women who is flawless and critical. Her quiet tone requires everyone to lean in to listen making her the most powerful in the room. She never raises her voice and quite mean and funny which is why there is no one more intimidating than her. Being the legend in fashion world, Miranda and Andrea have something in common, their self respect and self assurance.

This film not only portrays passion for fashion but also give moral lessons one requires to excel in any industry, like being resourcefulness, wok ethics, resilience and commitment to go above and beyond your limits. So if you are in mood to watch some fashion centric movie with high pace, The Devil Wears Prada is the one for you.