Ashutosh Sharma
  • 5/5
Must watch

This film is different from other superhero films. This film shows that how an ordinary man can also be a savior. You don't always need to be a masked man to save the innocent. You just need the right intentions to do the right things and sometimes misunderstandings took away that righteousness of yours.

Acting: Christian Bale will always remain our favorite Batman. Heath Ledger gave a memorable performance as the Joker. I don't think that anyone could even match his acting levels in near future for the same character.

Film: The cinematography was good for the whole film. It really captured the essence of the character of Joker. The direction by Christopher Nolan was fantastic as always. Dialogues were great. I found the script was loose at some points but overall it was good.

Final verdict: I would recommend it to everyone. I would rather say that it was more of learning film rather than a typical superhero film.

I rate it 9.5/10