• 4.5/5
Look out for future stars!!!
[contains spoilers]

As with all true stories, this film is fictionalized but it is based on real events of a century ago. The story of one of the first people to ever attempt to change genders, it is a reminder of how far we have come in understanding those who feel they were born the wrong gender.

Eddie Redmayne and Alicia Vikander both are Oscar level actors They did such a great performance here. I felt like I was in their real home with them, coming to grips with situations with them. I already knew Redmayne was an extraordinary actor, but I did not know Vikander. She has a quality much like Jennifer Lawrence which makes you just fall in love with her as she lovingly grapples with her husband's dilemma, realizing that she must support him.

The story is presented in such a beautiful manner, it is a joy to watch. That was surprising. Perhaps it is the sign of a superbly-made movie. Everything about this movie is top-notch, and the entire supporting cast is remarkable. I had no idea I would love this movie as much as I do.

Alicia got an oscar for it, and that's great. But I personally felt that Redmayne also deserved an oscar for it.