Tere Liye Bro Review

  • 3.5/5

The show depicting the story of three friends Aniket (Prabal Panjabi), Vineet (Nikhil Khurana) and Farhan (Pranay Pachauri), touched hearts and gave an ode to true friendship.

'Tere Liye Bro' gave a shocker in its very first episode when one of the besties in the trio, Aniket dies in a tragic accident. The incident brings to light how we have become so busy in our lives that we have no time for our friends, and only when something unfortunate happens, do we realise the value of relationships. Aniket’s death brings Vineet and Farhan closer as they realise how deep their friendship has been all these years. As for Aniket, he might have left the mortal world but he continued to live in his friend’s heart and mind.

While the family grieved the death of Aniket, his sister Anika (Malhaar Rathod), knowing well her brother wouldn’t like all this cry scene got his friends together to drink in his memory. And while they sat reminiscing moments spent with Aniket, they decided to make a bucket list of his unfulfilled wishes and get them done, to bring peace to his soul. And what a journey it had been for Vineet, Farhan, and Anika as they tried to make Aniket happy. While we were expecting a happy ending to the series, it ended on a big revelation. Moments before Aniket’s death, he had met a girl, who had a distinct tattoo on her body. Vineet found the same tattoo in a girl realising that there is some mystery surrounding his best friend’s death. Was it an accident or was Aniket murdered? Well, the show ended hanging upon the same idea.

The storyline is pacy and entertaining but there are few loopholes, which we are hoping, will be filled in by the end of the season. There are a lot of moments where you will smile and laugh, and even get teary-eyed. The screenplay is such that you will tend to miss your friends and the fun moment shared with them. The brand integration sometimes goes a little overboard but can be ignored. Subtracting a few glitches, the series is an entertaining watch and will mostly find an audience among the youth section.