Swades Review

Pratik Singh
  • 4.5/5

This Story is very awesome. Makes an Indian to feel proud of himself! We go abroad, earn lot of money live splendid lifestyle. But what about India, where we came from. We should in fact come back and do something for our country.

The Song - " Yeh Jo Desh Hai Tera. (Sharukh Khan) is so emotional. I like it very much. It will take out tears if u listen it carefully.

In the acting department, Shah Rukh after a long time has given a genuine performance. The star in him is not highlighted much, but he has made a real effort to be the character Mohan who genuinely feels for his country. Kudoos to him. Githa, as his spirited romantic liaison has given a convincing performance regarding that it is her debut film and that too with a superstar. The rest of the cast including the gamut of characters have given adequate support.

This movie is one of my favourites!

I still wonder , Why did this not HIT on Indian cinema ?