Suits Review

Suraj Gopinath
  • 4.5/5

A tale of New York's fInest Lawyer Harvey Specter portrayed with great faultlessness by Gabriel Macht and a brilliant college drop-out Mike ross (Patrick J .Adams).Drug deal gone bad, Mike meets Harvey who is interviewing for associates for his Firm.After a series of bizzare events, mike finds himself hired for and working with Harvey specter.Series also features Gina torres as Harvey's Boss and Mentor Jessica Pearson,Rick Hoffman playing Louis Litt a devious lawyer scheming the downfall of Harvey and Meghan Markle portraying Rachel Zane, mike's love interest.This series tells us the tales of two lawyers Harvey and Mike and as the series develops we see the more "human" side of Harvey Specter and his interest in helping mike build a career.It also shows the troubles of Mike Ross, a 20 something college drop-out with a brialliant mind,clean conciseness and Quick wit.

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