Steve Jobs Review

  • 5/5

I love Michael Fassbender, but I wasn't sure he could pull off Steve Jobs. But no one can play an intense asshole genius like Fassy. This film is based on a biography that is supposed to show Jobs in any even worse light than this film.

I loved Aaron Sorkin's structure to the film, not the normal biopic treatment. It is almost like a play in three acts, with the action aside from brief flashbacks all taking place behind stage before three important product launches in Jobs' life. He talks with the same people each time, although their relationships with him have all morphed and drastically changed because of events preceding each launch. And Sorkin deals head on with the most troubling thing I find about Steve Jobs the man -- his rejection of his paternity of his daughter Lisa. We see her at 5, 9 and 19.

Is Sorkin's portrayal completely accurate? I find I don't care, because it's just a damn good fascinating movie. I was also very impressed with Seth Rogen, who was very good as Steve Wozniak. The other actors have all been in Oscars caliber films before, but this was certainly a step out of the comfort zone for comedian Rogen, and he was just perfect.

The film has had disappointing box office -- is there Steve Jobs fatigue after the much lesser Ashton Kuchner movie? Here's hoping the Oscars and other awards recognize Michael Fassbender and Sorkin for this exceptional film.