Spotlight Review

Rohon Nag
  • 4.5/5
A must watch for people who like investigative thrillers.

Investigative films are one of my favorite genres and these movies a few and far in between. All the kings men, Frost/Nixon, JFK are some of the notable ones… Now We can also add Spotlight in that list.

This movie chronicles the story of how the Spotlight team at the Boston Globe discovered a massive cover-up in the church and exposed it…

Despite how sensational this movie could have been made, they decided to keep it realistic and VERY un-dramatic and fact based. That is what makes this movie brilliant.

Direction: Masterfully directed, it’s a bit slow at times, but packs all the narrative punches that is required.

Cinematography: A bit lacking and it makes the film bit dreary and mundane. They needed the cinematic punch packed in ‘Mr. Robot’ for this kind of a film, but it’s not bad... Just plain.

Acting: Amazing performances by all the lead cast and the cast is truly star studded. Micheal Keaton does another amazing job at his role, understated and grave he is said to be so accurate in his re-enactment of this character that the real person it was based on, said it was eerie seeing a mirror image of himself… Apparently the REAL reporters spent a lot of time on the sets to make it authentic and it shows… You believe these are reporters and not movie stars acting the part out. Mark ruffullo is good as usual…

Music: Nothing overdone, get the work done. Nothing more is expected or needed.

Rating : 9/10

Isha Chakraborty
Definitely adding this!