Spectre Review

  • 3/5

I really thought that this was going to be bad but I actually enjoyed this, people be giving this 2, and 1.5, what? This is great, it is't as great as CASINO ROYAL, or SKYFALL, but still great fun. Set peaces, thrilling action, classic score, and James Bond charm are all there. But this film dose have some issues. First the I felt like it was a first draft script, or it was just rushed and several things went wrong, but to me the pacing wasn't the best. But probably my biggest problem is the characters, especially Léa Seydoux character, who (when introduced) was shaping up to be a great character for me. But then the third act came along, and she had barley any dialogue, and became the damsel in distress. It's quite sad as the characters could have been more than just that and because Léa Seydoux is a great actress, but who am I kidding, it's a James Bond flick!