Spectre Review

Rohon Nag
  • 2.5/5
Soul Less Dinosaur in the New Espionage age
[contains spoilers]

I used to love Bond films… Back in the Days of Pierce Brosnan, bond was back and exciting again… I saw every one of those films and LOVED them… but things changed and Bond was rebooted.

Fine, no problem… Casino Royale was still good, but then they went hay wire, the sequels were not bond or Bourne enough… Quantum of solace sucked, I hated SkyFall (with its home alone rip-off ending) and this movie is even worse.

First of all, this movie and skyfall seem to like ripping off The Dark Knight. Skyfall had the villain gets captured by design plot (also seen in Avengers) this one has, female lead stuck to a building with bomb cliché. N

Next, the plot is similar to the Bond Parody Goldmember… Yes that’s right in 2002 Austin Powers made this same film and they did it better! Every cliché shown in that film is still being repeated in Bond films in 2015.

So Am I nit-picking a lot? Overly critical, maybe I am not the audience for this film. But then who is? I love spy espionage, counter intelligence films, Mission Impossible 4 and 5 were amazing, Kingsmen was marvellous, even Man from UNCLE was more charming than this…

This film is all kinds of dumb, one shot from bond and somehow an entire building in Mexico exploded. What happened? Was there a bomb? No explanation. A car chase scene between Bond and Hinx goes on for god-damn long time when nothing happens, they just drive around, bond can’t even lose his pursuer in ROME! It’s one of those cities with a lot of by lanes!

Where is bond getting all his money from? He is no longer employed at Mi-6.

Bond is being tortured and the moment there is an explosion in the room, his restrains snap free… WHY?

Bond shoots one gauge and suddenly the entire complex blows up sky high. This movie makes Last Action Hero’s clichés looks realistic. Last but not the least, bond is on a train eating/drinking when Hinks the henchman attacks him, was he patiently waiting till then? How did he find them? The train left hours ago, where was he all this time?

Terrible direction, god awful action scenes. Mr Craig looks bored as hell with the proceedings. The picture budget shot up to 300 to 350 Million and all we got was cliché ridden, plot less crap.

Rating : 5.5/10 . Close to being the WORST bond film till date, probably on par or worse than On her majesty’s secret service.

Rohon Nag
that is true... casino royale as I mentioned, I liked it, but it was all downhill since then... my joy of seeing bond films is now gone... I look forward to more tom cruise mission impossible films now, he is the better bond!
Piyush Arya
Agreed! Tom Cruise is living up-to expectations in each of his movies.