Shawn Gomes
  • 4/5
Highly Recommended

Shutter Island is a movie which you can either love or hate, nothing in-between.

It is an adaptation of Dennis Lehane's novel. While most film adaptations leave you underwhelmed, Martin Scorsese shows you how its done.

The film has the essence of the novel which makes you feel that you're watching it for the first time everytime you watch it.

It is so intriguing right from the beginning and the climax just messes with your brain.It really does.The film doesn't go for cheap thrills or gore like most films of this genre. It manages to keep you engrossed till the very end.

The Martin Scorsese -Leonardo DiCaprio collaboration gives another great flick.

The movie has some brilliant cinematography and some stellar performances by the likes of DiCaprio, Mark Ruffalo.

A must watch for people who love Mystery/thrillers.