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Sherlock (2010)

If you have brains and a passion for mystery, then this is your destination. Set in the modern day London, this is even better than the film. Benedict Cumberbatch , as Sherlock Holmes has mastered the role completely and so has his assistant doctor, Martin Freeman, they both work so well together and the banter between their characters is one of many things that makes this show brilliant. Also, the character of Sherlock is very intuitive and unpredictable which keeps you glued till the end of 90 minutes with the villain (or rather the main character in my case) Prof. James Moriarty makes you feel that he is the master of the brains and way ahead of Sherlock everytime. No better movie or series has adapted Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's characters so accurately. Highly Recommended.
One of the best Sherlock EVER !
Wanna see Sherlock Holmes of 19th Century using an Apple Iphone ? Or his Doctor,John Watson helping him with a laptop ? or their great rivals using the modern day tech for the chaos ? Well,then this the thing for You.The old dynamic duo represented in the modern look with a dash of pure Brilliance in the series.
The perfection in making the series is being done in all terms : Casting,directing,cinematography,acting,plot,writing - Just everything.In transforming into the modern day phenomenon it's clear that Doyle's original works have never been forgotten.So for all the Sherlock Holmes fans out there..its a must watch !
I have OCD. Obsessive Cumberbatch Disorder! Yes. This is how much I'm into him! Even Sher-locked! Too many cliches! Well, they are well deserving! Gripping,Intricate and Mind-boggling notions, are the few of those many word swhich could be used to describe this series. Please keep it coming! Soon! No 'ishes' please!
Old legends in Modern World
Benedict Cumberbatch, the only name on every lip. I've seen so many crime shows and movies but nothing incredible like this. He's perfect as Sherlock.
His acting, his sense of humour, his seriousness, his cleverness, his bravery, his intelligence all in all his brain wola wola. If someone speaks to me of Sherlock Benedict is the picture for me.
Season 4 come soon!!
I'm waiting
It deserves no less but a 5.
One of my favorites.Mr Holmes is coming soon with 4th season.
A well executed moder Sherlock.It made me SHER LOCKED.
A must watch tale of modern day Sherlock Holmes...
A classic remake of a modern day Sherlock, an ingenious work. And the acting is really incredible. A show like none other...
Nailed it..A brilliantly written, well acted programme. Well done to all concerned. The story had me hooked from the start.All the elements of Holmes
Nailed it..A brilliantly written, well acted Programme. Cumberbatch is a fantastic choice for Sherlock Holmes. i think it is always a bit uncertain and tricky.Awesome Show
Sherlock is a well known character and this series makes you love him even more. The witty way in which he mocks, the amazing bond with watson, the mindblowingly amazing cases, the speed with which he dissects situations and people is what makes sure you are hooked to this show. This show is a must watch. Also you have to almost wait forever for new seasons, that makes it even more interesting. :D
for the mind palace #inspiring for the writing of the screenplay the intelligence of the entire series #uniqueConcept modern version sherlock. #revolutionary the adaptation canon Books the relation to the source material .
a detective tv show with every point of mesmerizing moment. Nothing can distract you while watching this tv show. every moment with suspense. I have watched it to the third time. it's your turn to be # sherlocked.
The world of today having technology at its core witness the skills and brainy works of well known detective Sherlock Holmes with Doctor Watson. This is adopted by a book written by Sir Arthur Canyon Doyale.
This series is a mixture of thrill, suspense,intellectual skills and many more.
Apart from that, Bennedict Cumberbatch is playing the role of Sherlock Holmes which is above than perfect.
Enma reviewed Sherlock
addictive: east wind
in all honesty this version did justice to the books while still managing to elevate it to this century. its a fun watch that makes one think. this will appeal to anyone who is into mystery and an unusual protagonist.
An amazing series of the modern Sherlock and his companion Dr Watson.
All episodes remains mysterious from the start till end. The concept and idea of the classic novel are modified and slight amendments are made.
The acting,direction and cinematography and background score remains at its best in all episodes.
Personal Comment: Eagerly waiting for next season.
Hot Favourite on TV.
The super-sleuth in a new avatar. Aided with the latest technology and the unfaltering support from his partner,Dr. Watson Sherlock is mind boggling in all his adventures. What is unique is Sherlock is given special capabilities of memory and intellect yet he is a sociopath who is extremely cold and unapologetic in his demeanor. The only people he cares for are Watson,Molly and Mrs. Hudson add to the comic The characters of Molly lly and Mrs. Hudson add to the comic and the cuter aspects while the ambiguous Mycroft and the villainous Moriarty are splendid in their actions. With a brilliant ensemble cast and the talented lead pair of Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman,the show has been making headlines since its second season.
It’s a perfect mix of genius, thrill and humour.
Sherlock is a character everyone knows about, be it through books or movies.
This BBC show is based on the books written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. It is about a private detective in London who goes by the name of Sherlock Holmes and his companion Dr. John Watson.
There are slight variations from the books but delightfully so. The sheer genius of Sherlock’s character is absolutely mesmerizing. The bond between him and Dr. Watson is well portrayed and often rather entertaining.
Benedict Cumberbatch has done a brilliant job playing a legendary character such as Sherlock Holmes and it has been perceived very positively by the viewers. Martin Freeman has always been known to have a knack for acting and has outdone himself in this role as well.
While book adaptations are often frowned upon by the fans of the books, this show is well loved and accepted by even the book-lovers. It has it’s own quirks with Sherlock being less aware of human sentiments and Watson having to explain it to him or make amends on his behalf. It’s all rather lightly humourous.
Each episode lasts for one and a half hour and is like a movie itself. While this is perfect in order to cover all the main aspects from the book, occasionally, it feel like the episode goes on for far too long. The story however, is captivating so it’s not always a hindrance.
The biggest downside of this show is it’s frequency. As the cast includes some major actors who take up other projects as well as the fact that each episode it like a movie, the seasons tend to have a gap of a couple years in between. This either causes you to get impatient or move on to other shows. Although you will always return once the new episodes are released.
The show is wonderfully directed, has one of the best casts and has thrilling and intelligent plot lines. Let’s not forget the allure of those British accents! It is most certainly a must-watch show.