Rudhramadevi Review

  • 3/5

Rudhramadevi is currently on Netflix streaming in the US, unfortunately the original Telugu dubbed in Hindi. Anushka Shetty of Bahubali fame, plays queen Rudhramadevi. The coolest thing about this historical epic is that the main characters in this film are all based on real people. Rudhramadevi ruled in what is now Telegana, dying in 1295, and was one of the first reigning queens in India. Gona Gannareddy (Allu Arjun) truly was a Robin Hood like figure supporting Radhrumadevi's rule. [I read Mahesh Babu turned down the role.] For some bizarre reason, the filmmakers frame the film by having Marco Polo narrate the story " to show how women ruling is a good thing, I guess. But the CGI of those opening scenes and the sailing ship, is just horrendous. At other points they use very cool animation drawings and I wish they"d just used those throughout, or drawings of maps. Read the rest here: