Rohon Nag
  • 4.5/5
The empire Strikes First!

Back in 2011 when Disney acquired Lucas Films, they announced they would be doing stand alone star wars films. For us jaded fans, we had expected something which was a quick money grab with light on content movies.

I myself went in with low expectations of a movie about a rag tag group a heist to get the death star plans.

But somehow, the film makers managed to turn this small premise into a full blown star wars film. I am not going to give any spoilers in this review. But this movie went from a small and UN-interesting premise to something awesome.

Set 30 years BEFORE last years Force Awakens and moments before the 1977 original film, this is a prequel to the originals and a sequel to episode 1-2-3.

As far as characters go, K-2so the droid and Donnie yens characters were the standout ones. The lead Jyn erso was there to drive the story forward but she wasn’t the most compelling character among the group, even though she was definitely supposed to be.

Coming back to the plot, the tie in novel catalyst sets up the story of the Erso’s pretty well and the movie follows it with Galen erso working on the death star program. Jyn his daughter is his only hope at redemption. Saying anything more IS definitely a spoiler for this film.

All I can say is that, after empire strikes back, this is the darkest and most action packed film set in the Darth Vader era. Who makes an appearance in this film and is something to look forward to in his small but effective cameo.

The music is a mixture of old and some new star wars themes. It doesn’t stand out, but for fans its familiar enough.

Lastly this film doesn’t have the familiar fan fare and opening crawl of the normal films, setting it apart as a stand alone story.

I REALLY enjoyed the second half of the film, which elevated the premise and added SO much depth and nuance to the original 1977 star wars. This movie is an absolute must watch for fans of the original.

Rating : I will have to rate this very high of 9/10. I wanted to give it a perfect 10, but the Jyn erso character is not compelling enough to make this movie a perfect 10.