• 4/5

I admire it, but I didn't love it.

I thought the acting was all great, and I really did love Aamir in this one, but I can't see myself wanting to watch it over and over again.

Spoilers ahead --

It's hard for me to see that they chose killing the minister rather than -- I don't know what exactly they could have done to get press coverage, but something. Maybe just commandeering the radio studio without killing people?

It's just hard for me to get past that, I guess. I don't have the experience of people in India with that feeling of helplessness at the rampant corruption, so maybe I am just naive. But I have personal experience getting press coverage for something, so it's harder for me to get past their fallback to violence after the police break up the candle vigil. I know what I would have done -- held press conferences at the hospital talking about the mother in the coma -- I mean, come ON that is made for TV coverage. And the British white girl who is so fired up never suggests something like that? Now she is all passive and silent?

I liked the sepia flashbacks, and the older patriots welcoming the young ones to heaven or what have you. I particularly liked Sharman Joshi in this. What happened to him? He did this and 3 Idiots and then"?