Pink Review

Rohon Nag
  • 3.5/5
Crackling Second half, Weak First Half...

This is a movie about 3 girls, living in delhi who have some sort of encounter with 3 boy and then things spiral out of control. Their neighbor is a lawyer played by mr Bachchan.

As far as story and plot goes, this film is light on both, but somehow it doesn’t suffer much from the lack of a deep plot. The story is simple enough yet shocking enough to pack a punch.

The film itself is quite uneven, though shot decently, the pacing is totally off. The first half of the film is rather slow and dragging and not enough happens to justify so much of screen time.

But the second half is crackling and very satisfying and rather provocative too. It almost feels like two different films in the first and second half.

Performances wise, Mr Bachchan is expectedly, amazing. His deep piercing look, unflinching gaze and baritone are utilized to the full in the second half. He carries this film to the finish line. His character of a mentally unstable and subdued lawyer is well suited to his capabilities and age.

The women in the film are all well-acted and very natural and believable. They are brazen at first but slowly shrink away in fear and can barely mumble in the court room scenes.

On the other side, the guys are shown as patriarchal and primitive despite a London education. Displaying that chauvinism is deep rooted.

The movie’s highlight is courtroom scenes. They are really brilliantly done and worth the price of the tickets. They are mostly realistic, except for a few liberties. The way the false witnesses and neighbors misconstrued the events and their speculation over the character of the girls, is a statement on society and how the old perceive the actions of the young.

Overall this film is a must watch for aficionados of court room dramas. This film also has a strong message for the women and men of the country and how mindsets can’t define a person.

Rating: The second half of the film would get a 10 rating from me, but the first half is too long, dragging and boring for such a high rating. The first half was a 6/10 movie for me.

Final Rating: 3.5/5. Very good, if a bit uneven.

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