Piku Review

  • 3/5
Watch it if you want to see something different

With so much of hype around Piku, I had a peek of the flick this weekend. It is one of those recipes which has all the necessary ingredients but doesn't leave you with a lasting aftertaste. On top of it, entire movie is about the grand quest to seamless bowel movement. Please avoid any popcorns or sandwiches during the movie.

Amitji has played the role of an extremely irritating father. As anyone would have expected, he played this role to perfection with a constipated look and eyeballs bulging out of sockets. Irrfan's role looked very restrained and it was like a Ferrari driving at 40 km/hr. There is so much more to this actor which didn't come out. Deepika had to just look beautiful in different attires, give her dimpled smile, roll her eyes and yell at Amitji in a monotonous syllable. Nothing really great.

Full marks to Juhi Chaturvedi for spinning a fresh story. Shoojit Sircar kept the mood of movie subtle without any dramatically overwhelming melodrama. Anupam Roy has composed some soothing numbers which are good to play in car on a nice drive. I have seen him live in one of the plays and he has a long way to go. When the movie starts, an appealing Bengali musical tune gets played in the background of casting. If I find it somewhere, that is going to be the next ringtone of my phone.

Overall a different movie, very nice attempt but nothing outstanding. I can compare this movie to Indian film The Bong Connection for some parts. However, I feel that Bong Connection did a much better justice of being closer to the roots.

Verdict: Watch it if you want to see something different without any expectations. There isn't anything better in theaters anyway.

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