Padmaavat Review

Anish Misra
  • 3.5/5
A treat to watch

Padmaavat is a film co-written and directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali. The trailers of the film looked very awesome and I was quite eager to see the film.But due to the so called delays I felt that this film will never see the light of the day. Finally, seeing it I was relieved and I can say that the movie-goer in me was satisfied.

Plot: Alauddin Khilji decides to raid the kingdom of Chittor after hearing about the beauty of Rawal Ratan Singh's second wife, Rani Padmavati.

Story and direction: From a story standpoint, if we observe the film, it is very staright-forward. So hats off to the makers to bring this poem to life on the big screen. Yes there are a lot of creative liberties taken with the film, but for most of the time they got stuck with me. The production design and the grandeur of the film is beyond imagination. Every scene looked awesome. Also the cinematography for the film was great. All the colors and textures used to make the scenes look real were impeccable. Now to the faults. The character development for me was very weak. Although the Rajputs looked great in their outfits nad armor, I felt that there was a need to enforce the Rajputana dialect a little more. Also, I do felt that the horror for Khilji's character ofr certain scenes were a little less. The VFX of certain scenes looked very fake. The climatic action scene didn't feel real too. Also there are certain scnes in the film, where you feel that was this even necessary. Some scnes were quite predictable too. The runtime too was a major issue. Had the film been a little small in length, I would have appreciated it more.

Performances: Ranveer Singh was the star of the film. With what he was given, he excelled beautifully. Deepika Padukone brought finesse with her character and she went on to prove why she is a great actress of current times. Many People had issues with Shahid's character. But for me, it was perfect. The way he embodied the Rajput king was like no other. A special mention to Jim Sarbh. He was perfect for Malik Gafur's character.

Music: Sanjay Leela Bhansali composes the songs and Sanchit Balhara the BGM. The songs are like fillers for me. Yes, they were good and melodious but they did nothing to move the story forward. 'Binte Dil' was the track of the film for me and again proved why Arijit Singh is beyond any appreciation. The BGM at some scenes felt very loud to the years and quite repetitive to Bajirao Mastani.

Favorite Scene: It would be the scene where Rawal ratan and Alauddin meet in Rawal's palace and eat food and play chess together. The stern-ness of Rawal and the scary-ness of Khilji is what made the scene enjoyable to me.

Verdict: Sanjay Leela Bhansali yet agian proves that he is a director with great vision. If the drama was toned down a bit and the film was made shorter, the film would have been a masterpiece for me.

I am going with 7.5/10.