Narcos Review

Anshul Aashish
  • 4/5
One of the best shows of 2015

The story of richest criminal in history. Fascinating Enough? Pablo Escobar was the head of Colombia’s Medellin cocaine cartel. He became the 7th richest person in the world, all by drugs money. Imagine you were born in a poor family, in a poor city, in a poor country, and by the time you were 28 years old, you have so much money you can’t even count it. What do you do? You make your dreams come true. And that’s what caught attention of the Colombian Police and DEA. Pablo donated a huge deal of money to develop his neighborhood. When you run out of ways to hide your money, that’s when you give it to the poor.

Pablo was so powerful that, in his prime, he could change ministers, laws. Or the whole system. He was responsible for more than thousands of murders, which included half of the police force of Columbia, a Presidential candidate and supreme court justices. In the United States, the Mafia makes witnesses disappear so they can’t testify in court. In Colombia, Pablo Escobar made the whole court disappear. He used kill anyone who disagreed with him. Which includes his partners. If you make it to the top, it means you’ve killed your enemies. And sometimes, your partners.

He blew off a plane in an attempt to kill the President. He started a series of bomb blasts, just so that President will agree to his terms. The purpose of war is peace, he’d say. Anyone who spoke of fighting Pablo, died. Brave men have a way of dying quickly. With his power, he brought down the whole country to their knees. Colombians say, God made our land so beautiful it was unfair to the rest of the world. So to even the score, God populated the land with a race of evil men.

Pablo Escobar has always been an area of interest for Hollywood, but no one could execute it. Netflix did. This show is thrilling, informative, factual, addictive and brilliant. By the end of an episode, it leaves you with horror and fear. Show is presented by the eyes of agent DEA Agent Murphy. Like listening to an audio-book, his narration introduces us to every character, every event or an incident and keeps us attached to the story.

It is an unique drama which makes us live the lives of people in Columbia in 1980-90s. Narcos is filled with violence, sex and nudity, foul languages and brilliant quotes. Just to present the lives of Colombians perfectly (and Netflix to generate audience in Columbia), half of the show is in Spanish, so you’ll have to rely on subtitles. This is probably the best show of 2015. My ratings? 4/5