Mr. Das Review

Ankit Kumar
  • 4.5/5
Workplace Drama

The truth of corporate is based on frequent encounters with frustrating situations, pointless gossips and numerous clashes among colleagues over silly reasons. This series describes that upto a huge extent and it seems they have already found a huge viewership among the corporate geeks.

The story revolves, as obvious, around a Mr. Das who is the eye - candy of his office. He is adorable, sensitive, and a happy-go-lucky guy.

But as it occurs with most of good men, he faces the flak of office politics and gossip and feels cornered. But unlike others, he doesn't give up and decides to give it back to those who stand in his way.

There is one particular episode which got attention of the viewers in particular where he has a one-on-one with hs boss over his leaves. That is itself enough to leave you laughing and thinking at the same time, "What would have I done?"

Must watch for all office-goers, not only for typical corporate jokes but also for getting a fresh angle on how to deal with the office issues. Really fresh and entertaining one, this!