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Mass (2004)

Predictable, yet interesting
Mass is a 2004 Telugu action film directed by Raghavan Lawrence. It stars Akkineni Nagarjuna, Jyothika and Rahul Dev in leading roles.

There was a time when films used to have a similar type of plot- revenge, romance, comedy, but they were good and interesting too. Mass is an example of such a film. There is a revenge plot, and you can sense it right from the beginning. The plot includes romance, back story, comedy, songs and everything you can expect in a masala movie.

The performances of the cast is good. Nagarjuna is outstanding, and delivers a star stud performance. Rahul Dev is also good. Jyothi ka and others are good to watch.

The music, direction, choreography, action, everything is good in the film.

You can surely watch this film, but I believe you might watched this one a long time back.
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