Manmarziyaan Review

Maulin Parmar
  • 3/5
Feel good film!

'Love stories are always epic!'

This time, Anurag Kashyap is behaving like a 2.0 version director and thus he made Manmarziyaan. The love triangle is set in Amritsar with Robbie, Rumi and Vicky!

Rumi played by Taapsee and Vicky Sandhu played by Vicky Kaushal are having very serious affair. They do Fyaar like mad lovers. When the family of Rumi came to know about them, Rumi asks Vicky to come for asking her hand. Somehow it doesn't happen. Meanwhile, her family finds a boy to do arranged marriage, which is played by Abhishek (Robbie). The fight between Fyaar and Pyaar begins. But what does Rumi do in choosing her life partner is what this film is about.

The essence is similar to like we had seen in Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam. We can see variety in the film because of Anurag. The concept of two silent girls showcasing the inner feelings of Rumi is very well used. Anurag made this movie to earn box-office figures which his movies didn't get any. But when I went for the first show, there were just 3 people in the capacity of 400 seats. That is awful! People should be ashamed of themselves. Feeling sorry for Anurag that his commercial attempt will never be a commercial success.

Biggest plus point is the pairing of Vicky Kaushal and Taapsee Pannu. Both have done great in this year itself. Both have delivered strong performances. No one else can be as strong as them. While Abhishek Bachchan is back after two years. That is why we can see him doing good on screen. Three are fine enough to spend some bucks on them this week.

Amit Trivedi is very underrated music composer. He has given many classic songs and albums. This one is being added to the Good Album list. Film is having 14 songs. Each song is required in the film. Songs which you have to listen are Daryaa, Dhyaanchand, Grey walaa shade, F for Fyaar, Chonch ladhiyaan & Jaisi teri marzi. Lyrics by Shelle is superb. 'Satluj Mein Ek Samndar Naache!'

Kanika Dhillon has written script, story and dialogues. Fresh writing is what people are appreciating in this film. Every confused lover should watch this film to open up about his or her Manmarziyaan.

On the whole, Anurag has made a delightful and watchable movie. Somehow post interval portion is slow compare to first one. Also, we can see the influence of Imtiaz Ali in the Honeymoon trip in Kashmir. Watch out this feel-good film for strong performances and Amit-Anurag combination.