Man's World Review

Amish Gupta
  • 3/5
Nails the satire

It would be unfair to belittle a unique attempt at voicing the struggles of the oppressed gender but the satirical monotony of the show gets very overwhelming very soon. 'Man's World' is a show answering what if men were treated the same way as women are in a predominant patriarchy.

On paper what sounds like a intriguing enough concept, actually feels more like a pseudo-feminist propaganda than a progressive attempt at equality. The agenda aside, show does offer some great performances, elegant cameos, and entertaining dialogues. Each episode addresses some double standards and manages to hit hard a few, if not all prevailing prejudices with appropriate use of humor.

What feels unnatural about the show is how it tries to project all traits associated with a woman as more of a curse rather than nature. Everything from child bearing to menstruation has been portrayed as a burden to be condemned than a blessing to be embraced.

The show is a light-hearted attempt at exploring gender biases and is best seen as that. Looking beyond the surface or reading between the lines will prove rather futile.