Nails the satire
It would be unfair to belittle a unique attempt at voicing the struggles of the oppressed gender but the satirical monotony of the show gets very overwhelming very soon. 'Man's World' is a show answering what if men were treated the same way as women are in a predominant patriarchy.

On paper what sounds like a intriguing enough concept, actually feels more like a pseudo-feminist propaganda than a progressive attempt at equality. The agenda aside, show does offer some great performances, elegant cameos, and entertaining dialogues. Each episode addresses some double standards and manages to hit hard a few, if not all prevailing prejudices with appropriate use of humor.

What feels unnatural about the show is how it tries to project all traits associated with a woman as more of a curse rather than nature. Everything from child bearing to menstruation has been portrayed as a burden to be condemned than a blessing to be embraced.

The show is a light-hearted attempt at exploring gender biases and is best seen as that. Looking beyond the surface or reading between the lines will prove rather futile.

Must Watch
A work of art in the most ordinary way. The point of the series is to provoke thought of equality and not a female biased thought process. The only sad part of the series is that it is only limited to 4 episodes. Concept to acting everything is a delight.
its actually Woman's World!
Man's world is something you should watch if you are willing a little to understand what women goes through in her life.Well yeah web series shows it little but this is almost all the importants.This web series is really #quirky but I feel like it is really more dramatic than realistic.I agree it has realistic facts but still they showed it with more of drama and in sterotypical manner.But again it is something to watch if you want go offbeat.Personally I got really involved in the show so i watched it in one day!at last I can say This is a little of every womens' dream!Yes we want more.. :)
Man! Can you feel the pain!
Man's world is the satire produced by Yash Raj Film's is all time favorite. The story is all about guys in Women's shoes which makes it superrr funnnyy! Dealing with issues like periods, sexual harassment, martial rapes brings pain in the A** . The series is funny yet thought provoking. I'm not wrong in saying that Mard ko dard hoga jab vo aurat banega.....So go ahead and enjoy this witty piece of work.
What an irony!
Okay. I get what you are trying to do. Women empowerment and all. The men need to enter our shoes to know what it's really like. I get it. But I don't agree with the method applied here. This young man, living in a patriarchial household, wakes up only to find that the tables have been turned. So from then, he faces all the objections and criticisms and hurdles that usually bother a woman. His father is cooking and getting critised on his work, his mother is sizing up a potential suitor for his sister, he is being questioned on returning home late at night and so on.

The idea is understandable. To make a man go through all the womanly troubles. But why does he have to stop being a man?! Why does his father have to act creepingly feminine and why does a girl have to be all macho and offer the guy her jacket on a cold night? It gives the Ki and Ka effect where the man goes through everything a woman has to go through, by behaving like a woman himself. Why? Why complete features of a gender need to change for one side to understand the other? Why can't they try to emphasise the same cause by showing the men doing all the "womanly chores " while being a man! By that I mean not change his features and mannerisms.

While trying to attempt to emphasise gender equality, it enforces the roles that society has confined for women. Like being demure, always needing a man to offer his jacket, always worrying about your daughter's marital skills and being extremely emotional.

Instead of making more men realise the importance of gender equality, this show will make them see more clearly what women are supposed to be doing and exactly why theu can't be in the women's role. Because its not how they talk, or how they walk or how they behave. To understand the value of women, you dont have to magically turn into a woman. You can do by by being who you are. Because you cannot become a woman, and hence, as per the show, you can never understand her.

Women empowerment will remain a dream if our men don't change, not their genders, but their mentalities.
What's a better way to understand the need for equality than reversing the role of women and men? This very idea is brought to you by 'Man's world' by YFilms. #feminist
Man's World is a story of kiran who is tired of living in a world where there is feminism and believes it to be unfair to men, that he wishes that the roles switch. And surprisingly, the next day, they do! #satire
From men facing the need to get home early to 'protect' themselves, to suffering from the pain of menstruation, and to dealing with sexist remarks by colleagues in office, the show puts forward the most apt idea of the world reversing itself. #thoughtProvoking
With actors like Parineeti Chopra, Kalki Koechlin and Richa Chadda, the series raise the most sensitive issue of this era. #mustWatch
If you haven't watched it already, start watching it from today, because this is definitely something you should not skip!
He too
We have all heard about women's struggles. What this show does is take a man and put him in a woman's shoes and questions if he likes walking in them.
You might ask if the shoes going to fit or not. But this series doesn't go into all those details. It simply asks a question: if the roles were exchanged and a man had to cook dinner, look prim and proper, expect to pop out a baby girl every time he got pregnant, and the women were the bosses and the heads of the family, would it have been a better world then?
To find out the answer, go watch this series.
Don't worry too much about the science of it or how bizarre the scenes might look like sometimes because if it was a better world, today's prevalent sexism would look bizarre too.
Watch it to walk in HER shoes
Man's world a perfect response to the ever mansplaining and self proclaimed men. Kiran played by Gaurav Pandey takes us to a parallel universe where everything with respect to gender takes a 180° turn.
The plot is creative and new. All you boys out there, if you ever want to know what it takes to be a girl, this video makes for a must watch. ‘Man’s World’, a satire on ‘what if women treated men, the way men treat women’. The webseries is very detail driven covering all topics from the Indian daughter who has to spend time in kitchen rather than study and work ,to periods and PMS. It is sure to give men an insight on what women go through on daily basis, touching the sensitive topics of equality and feminism. But I would say we also require a series portraying men's point of view as well as it will only be equality if only both the parties understand each other.
The Indian society is progressing for sure. We have a society where women are receiving better education, more opportunities, more freedom...wait. Really? Are we?

A lot of questions have been hailed at feminism and its ideologies, some of them being: 'Why feminism? Why not equalism, or some other term label?', 'If you want equal opportunities, why have separate seats in public transport for women?', and 'We are not saying no to educating women, but they also need to learn household duties as women...' etc. These are just some of them.
Well, Man's World provides a very different and interesting world-view. What if men got into women's shoes, and were faced with all of those challenges that a woman faces every single day in Indian society?

Kiran is the pampered son of another typical middle-class household. He reads headlines concerning women's struggles for equality, and laughs at how women demand equality but don't want to take responsibilities that come with it. He is agitated by the reservation of seats for women in public transport, and finds the entire hullabaloo over 'mother's job is not easy' overrated and nonsensical. He takes it for granted that his mother and sister would do the cooking and household chores while the men read the newspaper at the table, and criticise the food. He also sends one-liners and P.J.s to his girlfriend every morning without fail. And one day, when his girlfriend invites him for dinner and ditches him at the last minute, his friend convinces him that women use feminism as an excuse to dominate over men. Kiran frantically prays for the order of this world to be reversed, and men to take the place of women. And, voila! His wish is fulfilled, and to his surprise, he finds on his phone the next morning, a number of one-liners sent to him by his girlfriend; his father expecting him to help him with the household chores, and his mother making it sound like she is doing him a huge favour by allowing him to step out and earn. What's more, he finds that women dominate every small and big sector of the society: there are women bus drivers and conductors, women taxi drivers, women at paan bidi shops, women playing cricket on the streets, and yes, an all men's college for promoting men's education!
Father India is the popular Bollywood movie now, since fatherhood is looked upon as a very challenging job. Men at work are objectified and exploited, and favours are demanded of them in order for them to be promoted. Women chase men on streets during late nights, making the roads unsafe for them. Police-women (of course) also add to the exploitation by nonchalance at best, and inappropriate touching at worst. And there are some women who are chivalrous knights in shining armours. Mothers struggle to arrange for their sons' dowry. And men conceive. That's a man's world in Man's World for you.

The director turns the entire society upside-down, giving birth to a topsy-turvy world where gender roles are reversed. Empathy is said to be one of the most important assets of a good psychologist, in order to understand the client by stepping into the client's shoes. That's exactly what Man's World tries to do - it attempts to give the men a taste of their own medicine. And it does so in such a way that it is not in the least preachy or condescending. It causes one to question the extent to which we are revelling in our own fixed mindsets. And it does a fabulous job.
Probably. Man's world was the first web show i watched. And i watched it after full release of all episodes too. So i got all the 4 episodes watched just in one day.
The concept of the show was quite novel and it was #bestOfThriller also. I watched the whole series just in one sitting. I don't want to spoil it. Watch it yourself and make a sense by it.
Hahahaha just Haha mannn this was somethinh different . It was fun to see the flipped world?

Gender equality #uniqueConcept the execution is little wage the gender changes the body parts and internal organs change but still its