Piyush Arya
  • 4/5
Action movie fans - craziness is redefined!!

This movie has fixed what other movies, recently Furious 7 have done wrong to action genre. Its not limited to just CGI effects. It high-octane-bizarre-punky-electrifying effect will give you a jaw dropping WOW.

Set in mood right from beginning to end, it may be slightly overwhelming in between but something crazier is always awaiting in this non-stop thrill ride.

Watch it if electric guitar shooting flames from its neck over the top of the truck sounds cool to you. Watch it if you want to revive the meaning of word craziness.

highocatne yes, but there was no story...they went ...boom boom ....and came back..why are the critics going crazy about it?
Piyush Arya
Story might not be the most important thing to look out for in an action movie.