Average short love stories
A show about chance encounter and serendipity that can bring people together, Love handles presents quirky scenarios that are capable of forming strong bonds between strangers.

Each short webisode comes with a new theme ranging anywhere from a south Indian engineer failing to woo potential arranged brides or a mute but kind-hearted soul attempting to find romantic companionship. With a few catchy lines here and there, a couple of accurate observations, there isn't a whole lot substance to it and the show requires quite a lot of work. Performances are pretty average too, not insufferable, just average.

It's a cute format with some meaningful stories but some wildly asinine. You might want to give this a shot when having a few minutes to kill.

These guys must had an experience about what they have shown here, else this won't be such great. I liked the concept of this series, they have shown the different types in love, starting with an #date of an adult to the run away of old lovers they really manged well to show all the possibilities. it is #entertaining with #humorous scenes between lovers and #coupleDrama . they proved that #trueLove can be in between any living being regardless of the age. And one point to mention is that , i could not watch the last episode , i don't know what the problem is but it's loading the fourth episode again. Apart from that , i enjoyed alot.