Lion Review

Rohon Nag
  • 4.5/5

The road to Oscars… (Best Picture Nominee 1/9)

LION : Movie Review.

This is based upon a true story of a boy who got lost and his journey from his home to Calcutta all the way to Australia and his path back home.

It’s difficult to rate and review such movies objectively. The subject matter is so moving that such movie automatically tend to get higher ratings regardless of their actually quality.

But in this case this film is rather well made and very heart warming. The direction is top notch without too much melodrama or over the top scenes. All the characters have been kept as real as possible and close in resemblance to their real life counter parts.

Some people might have issue with a foreign film showing the poverty of India, but since this is a true story and what happened, was also real, its fine to show the reality without glamorizing it. It takes a certain courage to show such a simple story shot so well without adding useless drama.

Dev Patel’s acting is indeed Oscar (nomination) worthy. Though his chances are winning are slim, at least he is now an Oscar nominated actor.

Rating: 9/10. Definitely worth a watch for all sorts of audiences. Not much of action or drama in here, it’s a real life story portrayed in a simple yet effective manner.

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