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Life of Pi (2012)

well, a movie in longtime which not only leaves you spellbound by the serious awesomness of visual artistry but a great subliminal message which can have several interpretation depending the viewer.

How important is HOPE?
How important are GoodByes?
How important are friendships?

You surely carry loads when you walk out of the theater than you spend for the ticket.
Sit with me over a coffee and we shall discuss, the movie is more than one can interpret, every one will have his own opinion and that what makes the movie work.

Surely winning or running for Academy awards for Best Picture, adapted screenplay and VFX.
Samir reviewed Life of Pi
“Life is all about letting go, you should take a moment to say proper goodbyes”

Another masterpiece by Ang Lee.A movie that leaves you stunned by its artistic brilliance and one of the best use of 3D technology.Many scenes resembles a gorgeous watercolor painting capturing the beauty of the ocean and blue skies.But above all what makes it better is wonderful dialogues and the beautiful story that lies beneath the visual treat,the concept of hope,god and spirituality. Just like Pi asks which story you prefer??? ,same goes with the movie.Its upto you, you can just view it as a visual treat or you can sink in with the beautiful story lying beneath.
The direction is wonderful,a good narration and mild music makes the experience better.The star is certainly Suraj Sharma delivering a great performance and ofcourse RICHARD PARKER ,Irrfan and tabu are as usual great..A MUST MUST WATCH for all.
May regret if you die before watching this movie.
Alas! why doesn't such movie are made on a regular basis? Maybe that's the reason why a movie of this kind touches the heart so warmly. Taken from the Booker's Prize winning novel by Yann Martel, Ang Lee turns the masterpiece into the most beautiful movie. The animations used in the movie are just flawless which brings am unfilmable story onto screens.
The flying birds, hyenas, a carnivore island and a deadly animal with an Indian teenager boy named Pissing (Pi, Suraj Sharma) do wonders with the movie as its inspiration can just be the required encouragement for the hopeless people to find a silver lining . Father of Pi, who is a zookeeper in order to shift all the animals to safer place takes the whole zoo into the ship. When the ships sinks, the young boy is left with nothing more than few animals who were let free along with a Bengal Tiger and a small boat with just water seen upto where his eyes could see.
The story gets an emotional as well as influencing attire when the young boy tries to fight out everything to save his life by finding one or the other temporary ways to stay alive in search of a hope to reach near a settlement. The story even throws out the affection and kindness one could have with the animals rather than being cruel to great creatures of GOD.
Irrfan Khan is portrayed as a grown up Pi who narrates the story. Again he needs no new applause for the kind of work always does. A very inspirational movie with great message and lessons to be patient in life! A one of its kind.
Gaurav reviewed Life of Pi
Ang Lee’s Life of Pi is the best-looking film I’ve seen this year, and possibly so far this century. It’s so beautiful that people will be using it to calibrate their new TV monitors.
Lee's bigger theme isn't God or survival, but the awesome adventure of making the imaginary visible, the adventure of making movies.
I personally feel u all must hv seen this movie.
From the academy award winning director Ang Lee and the Canadian-Spanish author Yann Martel ,Life of Pi is a brilliantly crafted masterpiece.The film talks about a young boy's(Pi Patel) struggle when he faces a real life survival crisis literally in the middle of the sea. To make things worse he loses his entire family in a shipwreck and also now is stuck in a life boat alone in the water with a Bengal Tiger(Richard Parker #LOLFunny ) in the boat. #visuallyStunning .He trains himself to bond emotionally with the tiger and continues their journey towards survival.The film revolves around faith and never to lose hope in the hardest of times.
Amrutha reviewed Life of Pi
This movie is all about a boy who worships all the religions. He loses his mother,father and his elder brother in an accident on the middle of the sea. The gets into a boat with a chimpanzee, hyna, zebra and a tiger. The tiger eats all the animals one by one and the boy travels for days in that boat with the tiger. He tames the tiger not to hurt him. This movie is all about his life in that boat.
Few movies will leave a lasting impression on you..Life of Pi is one of those. Not even a single moment is dull, in fact the story is woven so tightly that you never realize that the script is so simple. It is beautifully directed and kudos to Ang Lee, not only was he able to capture the beauty of India, he was also able to get the best of the actors. My trust and faith in Ang Lee has gone up to the highest level after watching this movie.
No words can expain how unimaginable, incredible and touching this movie was. For me one of the best movie of the decade. People praise it for its graphics, animation, technology used but what they don't see is the love, the pain, the struggle, the never give up motto that it portrays.
Life of Pie is an adaptation of Yann Martel's award winning novel. From its opening scene of animals and birds strutting and preening themselves in a sunlit zoo to the final credits of fish and nautical objects shimmering beneath the sea, the movie had a sense of the mysterious, the magical.
Director Ang Lee, a very popular and several time awarded Taiwan's legend filmmaker, took the novel to its new heights. Every once in a long while, the right director comes across the right project at just the right moment, and things so often discordant fall into perfect harmony. The scenes, dialogues, narration, poetry have been put up and written so nicely and even a expert cannot find even a flaw. The magic and questions that movie puts up remains unsolved throughout. And this is the specialty of the movie.
Undoubtedly, the graphics, vfx and animation were the best part. Creating something fake that looks so real and heart touching can't be denied to be said as a masterpiece. Creating a movie on this novel was itself a battle, and making it look so real was miraculous.
Now lets come to acting. Movie was dominated by Indian actors -
Irrfan Khan, Tabu, Suraj Sharma, Adil Hussain. Suraj Sharma was the apple of the eye. His acting moved everyone. His command, his accent(even after being an Indian), his narration all made him look like a professional actor with an experience of alteast 10 years. A student of St. Stephen College, New Delhi, Suraj Sharma was shortlisted in a random audition. Who could have imagined a movie like this will make us witness such a great tallent.
A movie like this is not made everyday. A chef's best dish is a result of perfect ingredients, right flame, right pot and a right chef too. Same was the Life of Pie. All people who worked in and for the movie were the one required. They met each other at the right time and result : A Masterpiece.
I'll give it a 5.
Along with awesomely awesome visual effects, the movie shows the most complicated aspects of life about love, faith in most simplest manner though i still need some enlightening about "so the story goes with GOD". It was a great watch :)
After a long time, it was a movie experience that left me thinking long after the movie was over. Must watch for anyone!
Don't just watch it for sake of timepass...only if you seriously wanna watch a brilliant movie..surely go for it..