Kung Fu Panda Review

Deepak Nair
  • 4/5
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[contains spoilers]

This movie marries the best elements from those old kung fu movies like 'Once Upon a Time in China" (wherein learning Kung Fu made you pretty much a superhero, you trained with ridiculous setpieces and learnt attacks with a genreic name of ) and some good old Animation standbys (animal characters, star studded voice cast) to bring out your first Kung Fu Animation Comedy. And it's Awesome!

Some of the scenes like Tai Lung's escape are brilliantly done. The events are bang on with what you would expect from a Kung Fu movie and the voice cast is indeed star studded, with Dustin Hoffman as Shifu taking the cake. Jack Black and Hoffman complement each other perfectly as the bumbling apprentice Po and the strict master Shifu.

Watch it for some amazing kung fu fighting scenes in top quality animation and a comedy track that will actually make you laugh out loud.