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Inception (2010)

Cristopher Nolan Masterpiece
As I get to knew that Cristopher Nolan spend 10 years writing screenplays of Inception (2010) . It became no.1 on my wishlist. I watched it and Yes, I would say Nolan has created something with his unbelievably, incredibly and god- gifted mind which will blow the minds of the audience away.
There is only one word to describe the cinematography, the set designs and the special effects, and that is Exceptional! You don't just watch the scenes happening, you feel them. The movie is a real thrill ride. The action scenes are well picturised and the music by Hans Zimmer is electronically haunting. Never, in the runtime of the movie, you will get a chance to move your eyes from the screen to any other object.
Coming to acting, Leonardo, who is still popularly known for Jack Dawson played by him in Titanic, should be relieved as his role as Dom Cobb will be remembered forever. His performance may or may not fetch him an Oscar but it will be his finest performance till date. The supporting cast too did an extraordinary work.
Nolan's work is nothing less than a masterpiece and he deserves all the awards in the 'Best Director' category. If "Inception" is a metaphysical puzzle, it's also a metaphorical one: It's hard not to draw connections between Cobb's dream-weaving and Nolan's film making, intended to seduce us, mess with our heads and leave an ever-lasting impression.
To conclude, I would just say before your life ends, do yourself a favor by experiencing this exceptionally lucid classic movie and if you get the whole movie in just one watch, honestly you have some talent like Nolan. #mindBending #bestOfThriller #imaginative #psychologicalThriller
Inception is a science fiction action thriller. It is one of the so called masterpieces which is written , produced and directed by Christopher Nolan. The film stars great actors like Leonardo DiCaprio, Ellen Page, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Marion Cotillard, Ken Watanabe, Tom Hardy, Dileep Rao, Cillian Murphy, Tom Berenger, and Michael Caine.
The movie is all about dicaprio who is a thief and steals corporate confidential information by entering into the subconscious of his targets. He then performs a so called next to impossible task by doing
Inception is mind-boggling movie. You just cannot understand properly in the first watch.
Some movies attract your eyes, some your heart, but movies like these just make your mind to think out of the box as Christopher Nolan.
This movie is a complete package of thrill, imagination, intellectual skills, concepts of physics and a lot lot more.
Personal suggestion: If you haven't seen yet this movie just go and watch right now.
Inception - Dream like reality
With one of the highest ratings on IMDb(8.8), 87% on rotten tomatoes and thousands of 5-Stars on Google, Inception is undoubtedly, one of the best Masterpiece of the last decade.
The movie involves two most precious gems of Film Industry - all time fav ‘Leonardo Di Caprio’ and the most amazing director of films “Interstellar”, ”The Dark Knight”, ”Tenet” and many amazing, spectacular mind-bending movies ‘Christopher Nolan’.

Nolan's oeuvre is definitely one of the most creative outpourings in commerce and cliche-ridden Hollywood.
Nolan has continued to conquer the decade with consistent superhits.
If you thought Memento teased your mind, try savouring Inception.
It will leave you tortured, tormented, ticklish and tantalised with its mindplay all at the same time. And if you think you can actually unravel this mind-boggler in one go, you're asking for the moon. It will leave you longing for one more dekko to get the picture straight....Too many levels of reality, too many things happening and too innovative an idea.

The concept of dream-sharing was extremely fresh and was brilliantly executed. The movie was extremely fast-paced, action-packed, demanded extreme attention and eventually rewards it. This movie is one of the most rewatchable flicks ever made and has aged phenomenally. Hans Zimmer absolutely deserved an oscar for this because the music complimented the film so well.

It is really tough to go out of the box and think of a completely novel idea and execute it and Nolan has smashed the record.

When we wake, we don’t remember the beginning of the dream, what we remember are just glimpses and how we felt during that dream.
Dreams feel real when we are in, it’s only then when we wake up and realize.

Leonardo Di Caprio has played the role of an ‘Extractor’ that means he can enter into anyone’s dream for extracting some information. But things change when a businessman hires him to plant an idea in the competitor’s mind, which seems impossible at first.
Domm Cobb(Leonardo) somehow manages to create three dreams within dream.
Here the factor that plays most crucial and dangerous role is
But do they really succeed? Did he died inside a dream?
For that, well you have to watch the film.
Maria Ray reviewed Inception
Where should I begin? Honestly, this is one of the greatest movie to ever been filmed in my opinion. And that says a lot considering my hobby as a movie enthusiast which implied that I have watched a great number of movies in my lifetime. The performance was on-point, the music chosen is perfect and well-suited with the movie, the plotline itself is amazingly incredible with twists that makes you question the reality of it all. Big shoutout to Christopher Nolan for making a great MOVIE an outstanding and truly phenomenal movie that truly touched me to my very core. A lot of people would find it incredibly hard to understand this movie at first, trust me I have been there, but as you progress through the storyline, you would learn more and more as secrets begin to unveiled and by the end of the story, you would realize you had gotten more than what you bargained for.
Truly an amazing movie with little to no flaws that will forever remain as one of the best even with the drift of time...I wouldn't mind watching it more than once..I highly recommend you to go see this movie.. #actionPacked acked
Amar Kant reviewed Inception
MUST watch
This movie is really fulfil the word INCEPTION.Extraordinary movie you are totally engaged in the movie and want to undersyand what's going on the movie.Oscar winning actor Leonardo caprio is vey good at his skills
Mind Boggling
Mind boggling. Deceptive, persuasive and compelling. Another benchmark move by NOLAN. Broadens one's horizon of thinking and takes him to another dimension. Beauty of Nolan and the virtuous cast very well seen.
Vishnu Ch reviewed Inception
Originality, no matter abnormal or extraordinary, must be appreciated.

When Sir Nolan was riding high in the unprecedented critical and box office success of TDK, the logical move would be to cash in on that craze by bringing in a sequel asap. But just like he made The Prestige after Batman Begins' extravaganza, he turned his attention to a 10 year old idea that was born between the Nolan brothers. This marked the inception of INCEPTION.

The premise is complicated, to say the least. If you somehow convince yourself that a technology which allows users to have shared dreams is feasible, boy you are in for a ride. Dom Cobb, an extractor, and his ingenious team takes this already unbelievable idea to next level to do the reverse i.e. Inception. More specifically, they enter the subject's dream within a dream within a dream.

Sir Nolan, who was an ardent fan of Leonardo DiCaprio's work, wanted to work with him and also approached him a few times, but nothing caught the attention of the Academy award winner until 2010. While literally anyone could've essayed Cobb's role, Leo brings the subtle touch he's known for and succeeds in making his own impact in a story-driven-film. He portrays the vulnerability and complexity of Cobb perfectly. Tom Hardy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ken Watanabe and Ellen Page portray their roles as expected as the story doesn't leave a lot of room for improvisation and subtlety. The biggest revelation is Marilon Cotillard, who eats the biggest chunk of the acting-accolades pie. She's required to be loving, scary, vulnerable, pitiful and clever at the same time, and she nails it in every one of them. Michael Caine makes a small cameo and is, well, Michael Caine.

The biggest challenge in making a movie like this is to make it seem intelligent enough, yet dumb it down just so the audience can keep up. This amazing art, brought into limelight by Spielberg, is mastered by Nolan as evident from the movie. The underlying emotional currents, however, fail to stick at some point of time. The visuals are impeccable, to sum it up. It took Hollywood 3 years to come up with such immersive experience (Gravity). Hans Zimmer usually makes scores worth remembering, but he knocks this one out of the park. TIME is one of the most emotionally-charged music I've heard in a long time.

If you're in for originality and cerebral cinema, this should be on the top of your list on the lines of 2001: A Space Odyssey.
What a mind blowing movie #mindBending most of the movies never had this kind of situations but this one got me #tense . #thoughtProvoking #stylish . it has so much of action #actionpacked yeah you people can watch this movie with your family also.
A must watch thriller...
An awesome thriller that is guaranteed to keep you at the edge of your seat throughout. The concept of the movie and its story is all too good to miss out. It is definitely a must watch movie...
An insanely exciting science fiction, which is definitely going to blow off your minds.
This movie does difficult things but its worth for that. Please do keep your mind open while watching, at the end it would be worth of that. #mustWatch #bestOfAction #mindBending
True Master-piece
Inception is an #ultimateMasterClass from Nolan. It has one of the best screenplay, story, action & acting.
The #mindBending concept of dream within dream will keep you at your #bestOfThriller for whole 120mins.
It is an highly recommemded #Mustwatch art work from Nolan.....!!!!!
Preetham reviewed Inception
watch it twice
OMG! u are gonna come out the theater thinking is it even possible,the movie is an absolute masterpiece , this is what we get when #IDEA is turned to reality( you will realize why i used the word "idea" after watching the movie) by top class cast and crew. this movie will not only question your thoughts and logic's it will turn them upright. I'm sure u will have long conversations about the events in the movie arguing about why things happened the way it did:-p . #bestOfAction #mustwatch if u want to get
Yoshita reviewed Inception
An intriguing movie
it is a perfect movie. The perfect reason why movies are made. it has a perfect bland of realistic sic-fi and fantasy.