Il postino Review

Shine Mathew
  • 3.5/5
Slow-paced, yet rewarding little movie

Il Postino is an Italian movie about poetry and the way poetry pervades all facets of our life. Il Postino (The Postman) is the fictional story of an unlikely friendship that blooms between a common postman and the real life legendary Chilean poet Pablo Neruda while he is in exile in Italy.

Pablo Neruda is in exile from Chile due to threats from the fascist Government and he finds a safe refuge on a small island in Italy. A postman delivers all the letters that Neruda receives from all his admirers. During the course of the movie we see the poet and the postman bond over love poems. The Postman yearns to write and appreciate love poetry and Neruda helps him in revealing the true beauty present in poetry. The movie is presented in gorgeous shots. The steep cliffs, the wind blown fields, the raging ocean all become an intrinsic part of the movie.

At its core Il Postino is a sweet love story, and makes the viewers appreciate some sweet love poems full of tender and sweet emotions. It is a must watch for any admirers of literature and poetry.