Hush Review

Roshan Mhatre
  • 5/5
Hush - psychological thrilling ambience
[contains spoilers]

We all love to watch horror thrillers at night, though we are completely freaked out, eyes closed, sweat dropping but we love that feeling. Today, let’s review one of the most wonderful and mystery-thriller genre’s must-watch movie, American Slasher film “Hush” directed by famous Horror movies director Mike Flanagan.

With 93% rating on Rotten tomatoes, this is surely among the top for horror movie fans like you and me.

Incredible cast, unique plot twists/turns, and above all else, an extremely satisfying ending. Most horror movies leave you requiring more. Regardless of whether it’s questions, plot holes, or plain dissatisfaction, normally there’s going to be something you can criticize at the end of the movie. That’s not the case with Hush.

Flanagan’s notable ability of building intriguing and suspense tension uplifts the rating from A to A+.

The simple title is enough to draw you in, and just based on that description alone, pretty much, you practically already know this film is going to be guaranteed interesting.

One of the most important point, that you will also agree is that the feel of the movie is so realistic, it didn’t had those iconic killers or killer looks.

And that is really very hard to accomplish and is appreciable.

They made the characters not dumb (which is basically everything in the horror movie industry), you will feel the thrill, the horror and the nervousness in your veins- you’d wish for it to stop but you can’t because you’ll love the thrill and you’d wish to see the ending.

Spoilers ahead:

This movie focuses on a deaf woman, (and hearing is so important), who's life is in danger trying to evade a crazy killer stalking and targeting her? That's literally insane! Though not insanely gory, the kills and gore is real graphic and convincing, and you're on edge the whole time hoping for the women to make it out alive as you get closer towards the end as she keeps barely surviving! This film is legitimately the perfect mystery and suspense slasher sure to leave you smiling out of enjoyment and leaving another 5-star review just like all of the other ones! (And just one tiny spoiler, but kind of to be expected, when the woman defeats the killer in the end which I won't say how to not spoil too much, it is so dang satisfying to see him get his rightful comeuppance)!

So definitely give it a try, You’d love it!!

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