• 4/5

Absolutely adorable romance. Parineeti is Meeta, a girl who frankly I think is supposed to be on the spectrum. Nikhil (Sidarth) sees her running away from a family wedding and seven years later encounters her again when his fiance Karishma asks him to find housing for her "guest". She doesn't tell him the guest is her runaway sister that she's trying to keep away from her family and parents.

Meeta is quirky and has a habit of staring unblinkingly when she's talking to someone. Parineeti pulls off making Meeta totally lovable, and she sees through to Nikhil's unhappiness with Karishma and with the demanding job he does, all to try to keep Karishma happy. But Karishma keeps breaking up with Nikhil at the drop of a hat, and has been doing so about once a month for seven years.

I found Sidarth utterly charming as Nikhil. He actually smiles, rather than brooding and pining as he does for the most part in SOTY and Ek Villain. He has a few nice dance numbers, too. The music is decent, even if I'm not going to run to download the whole soundtrack.

Really liked this film, and the jodi of Parineeti with Sidarth.