Get Out Review

Anish Misra
  • 4.5/5

Get Out is a film written and directed by Jordan Peele. I saw basically no trailers of this film. I saw the 99% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and was immediately attracted to it. Seeing the name Jordan Peele also kind of excited me as I liked Keanu that was out last year. After the film finished I was kind of overjoyed. I liked this film.

Plot: Chris, an African American goes to met Rose's parents (a white family). Everything is going good until Chris detects something sinister going on.

Story and direction: It's good when you have not seen anything regarding the film. Because you can go with a free mind and think what you want. That's what with the case of this film. I would say this film is more of a psychological thriller than a horror film. Yes, there are some scenes where I was scared. But that doesn't make it a horror film. This film deals with racism in a somewhat unconventional manner. That was something new which I liked very much. I never thought of racism in that way. I too read of an alternate ending to the film in Wikipedia but I guess the theatrical one was apt. It would have been a bit unjust on the hero of that alternate ending had been there. The only issue with the film is that some things were not clear to me. Maybe that was what Jordan wanted just to maintain some kind of suspense. But after the end too I was a bit confused regarding some scenes.

Acting: Daniel Kaluuya was great as Chris. I was with him each and every time. Allison Williams was sweet (and Menacing too) as Rose. Bradley Whitford and Catherine Keener were also excellent. A special mention to Lil Rel Howery. I mean I laughed at every joke he made. He was the special attraction and the comic relief of this tense film.

Favorite Scene: The scene where Missy hypnotizes Chris was my favorite. I saw a new way of hypnotizing people. That actually gave me a lot of chills. And it is from this scene where the film shows its true colors.

Verdict: I had a great time watching this film. I strongly recommend it to those who loves these psychological thrillers. I would not say that its an excellent film, but yes it's very good.

I am going to go with a 9/10.