Friends Review

  • 4.5/5

I am sorry that i use references from FRIENDS all the time but i am more sorry that you don't get them.People who have watched the show know what i am talking about and for ignorant souls its a sitcom following the lives of 6 young people living in Manhattan.FRIENDS is the only show that never gets old ,it doesn't matter you are watching for the first or the billionth time.There are many factors that makes it One of the best TV shows ever made.

>CHARACTERS- One of the biggest positive of the show is it gives you characters that grows on you characters you fall in love with and characters whom life you start to care about.Mind you, I am not just referring to main characters even small characters like Gunther or Estelle or Heckles,everyone fits perfectly.

>HUMOR- One of the biggest drawbacks of a sitcom is that usually after a few seasons humor becomes monotonous and boring but hats off to the directors for maintaining the humor quotient for 10 seasons.Every episode has decent amount of humor and most of the episodes are just hilarious.

>MAIN CAST- Its hard to create 6 characters that people love equally.Talking about other sitcoms,if you change the stars apart from Sheldon in BBT ,Barney in HIMYM show will still work because everyone else contributes very little comparatively to the show being a huge success.But you take anyone out of FRIENDS show won't work.Everyone plays their part so perfectly as if they were born to play Monica, Chandler, Joey, Ross,Rachel and Phoebe.

Acting wise David Schwimmer,Mathew Perry and Lisa Kudrow standout but the GOD of SARCASM Chandler Bing will remain as my favourite TV character of all time.Its hard to describe further in words as you have to watch it to live it.If you haven't watched FRIENDS yet,Leave whatever you are doing and watch it.STRICTLY RECOMMENDED

PS- Sheldon and Penny in BBT.