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Feel Good (2020)

JVan reviewed Feel Good
Feel Good falls under the Genre of a Comedy Drama show.

Mae Martin a stand-up Comedian who's originally from Canada but has now moved to London. She meets George after her gig who seemed like the only person in the audience to laugh at her every joke. Few minutes in they are already kissing at the Comedy Club and soon enough movie in together. Mae's got an anxious and hasty personality, and she can always be seen as very fidgety. She's also a recovering addict with the fear that if she comes out to the world as not being straight her well established family and friends would outcast her. George on the other hand who's only dated guys before Mae comes out to her friends and maker her relationship with Mae public. Not soon from the few months of being together their relationship starts going haywire. Insecurities seeping in and with the loss of confidence in one another, the sad ending might be a disappointment after vouching for their chemistry.

The settings throughout the show are aesthetic and eye pleasing. It has traits of being funny and charismatic at the same time, often refreshing and is definitely worth a watch.

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